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7 Semesters
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Res. 19483 of October 18th 2016



To train qualified technologist professionals of the health sector in the area of Prehospital  Care. Acquiring technical-scientific competences under principles and values of respect, freedom, integrality and commitment to peace, attending processes of promotion, prevention, health management and emergencies intervention, emergencies and disasters through theoretical and practical elements that allow them to become innovator and critical agents, being proactive and able to work as a team in order to solve typical situations in prehospital care.


General objectives

To train Technologists in Prehospital Care with a high academic level, that contribute to improve the quality of health care in Colombia through performing their professional work based on social, community, clinical and investigative practices according to the national prehospital context. To intervene in aspects such as health promotion, disease prevention, attention in emergencies, emergency care, emergency and disaster, developing personal and professional competencies, labor and research skills that allow interdisciplinary work attending social, human and ethical commitment.

Specific objectives

To train a technologist capable of:

  • Plan and develop programs of promotion and prevention in the area of prehospital intervention at community, institutional and business level.
  • Provide basic and advanced vital support in a opportune and effective way to people in emergencies and medical and traumatic urgencies at the scene and during interhospital transfer.
  • Share with interdisciplinary groups actions of promotion, prevention and intervention in the area of urgencies, emergencies and disasters, employing management for effective intervention in vulnerable populations with health needs.
  • Participate with interdisciplinary hospital teams in the initial intervention of people with urgencies and emergencies.
  • Participate in human talent training programs in health, in the Prehospital Care area.
  • Act according to principles and values that strengthen coexistence and respect for human rights.
  • Value and control existing risk factors in workplace, and prevent them using high technology, cooperation and interdisciplinary participation.
  • Promote research and innovation in order to enrich the Prehospital Care area of action.