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10 Semesters
Available places (Annual)
Resolution No. 10728 - December 30 2009 - 4 years.



To integrally educate in the field of human body movement and its relation to human functioning and disability, through the application, appropriation, transformation and generation of knowledge. Furthermore, to implement new pedagogical methodologies and appropriate technologies, training in ethical and moral values, and the development of a critical, creative, democratic and solidarity attitude to produce an impact on the community and thus contribute to its social transformation.


  • To integrally train the Physiotherapy student by promoting critical, intellectual and autonomous developments in a permanent education perspective. Based on the relation subject– movement – disability, the subject is approached in relation to normality and abnormality of the Human Body Movement, under social projection and research perspectives.
  • To develop knowledge, skills and abilities, which enable the student to contribute to change the reality of people with motor impairment or at risk of acquiring one, through the development of actions, framed in the promotion, prevention of disability, habilitation/rehabilitation, and the equalization of opportunities.
  • To develop an attitude towards teamwork with an interdisciplinary look, to respond to health needs of the population, in the specific field of human body movement.
  • To foster critical thinking in students that allows them to approach the health condition, in the field of human body movement, from a research perspective and to generate alternative solutions in different fields of action.
  • To develop in students the capacity to formulate, implement and evaluate programs and projects of health care, from the Physical Therapy field.
  • To enhance the investigative spirit allowing a greater capacity to think and relate concepts, contexts and problems and be able to interact with individuals and their environment.
  • To promote and develop through research a suitable medium for disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic work and thus contribute to promote a creative attitude and research practices.
  • To provide the student with means, techniques and procedures that allow them to address problems that disability represents in the field of the corporal movement of communities in a comprehensive way.